Mechanical Press Fixture Kits

Cortek’s legacy line of mechanical presses is a highly accurate, repeatable and re-useable test fixture platform.  It was designed to provide simultaneous top and bottom side probing when testing printed circuit boards and also offers side access probing capability. More Design Information Available in two standard sizes and equipped with Acrylic or FR4 fixture plates that can be re-tooled for different units under test (UUT) and is ideal in both R & D and Production environments. The customizable fixture plates are considered the test fixture kit thus making it the most precise and least expensive fixture you can purchase anywhere. Click here to see our Test Fixture Gallery

Key Features:

  • Cortek is the original designer and manufacturer of the 7540, 9560, and 1012 Mechanical Presses.
  • Interchangeable top & bottom plates
  • Mechanical operation
  • Linear vertical actuation
  • Top and Bottom side probing and access
  • Fine pitch probing
  • Solid Aluminum and Steel Construction
  • High Level of Accuracy, Repeatability, Durability, Reliability


  • Customization of fixture plates – submission of data required for quote
  • FR4, Acrylic, Polycarbonate ESD plates available
  • Installation of fixture hardware to include: Probes & Sockets, locating pins, push rods, side guides, connectors, interface pcb, interlocks, etc.
  • Wiring per customer specification
  • Safety shroud
  • X/Y staging