Fixture Options and Hardware

Cortek offers a wide variety of hardware that compliments our OTS products and many custom fixtures: Tooling Pins [3 sizes – GP1, GP2, GP3] Card Guides [“side guides”] Threaded Push Rods and Nuts Delrin-tipped spring support

  • test fixture plates pairFixture Plates (For ReTooling Your Test Fixture) From: $50.00 Select Options
  • Tooling Pin Size 1, 2, or 3 $12.50 Select Options
  • Threaded Push Rod & Nut Standard Length 2.70" $5.00 Add To Cart
  • Delrin Tip Spring Support $8.00 Add To Cart
  • Side GuideSide Guide $10.00 Add To Cart

Hardware Offered:

  • Tooling Pins: Spring-loaded tooling pins are used to support the PCB unit under test (UUT). They can be used in place of a stripper plate to keep the UUT up off the probes prior to closing the fixture lid. The spring-loaded pins compress as the top lid is closed and the board is pressed onto the probes. They can also be installed to the assembly in the top fixture cover above a push button switch. This allows the operator to access the switch during test without touching the board.
  • Side Guides: Used to accurately place UUT [unit under test] in the fixture.
  • Threaded Push Rods: Used to press the UUT into the bed of probes evenly and accurately.
  • Delrin-tipped Spring Support: