Z-Axis Actuator for Fixture Kits

Model #: zaxis

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This is the Z-Axis assembly ONLY and does not include the rest of the test kit. The Z-Axis assembly is an option available for mechanical fixture kits. Each size of kit has a Z-Axis designed to match its UUT area. The Z-Axis replaces the hinged top push plate that is standard on our kits. Visit our Gallery to see some examples of applications of this unit.

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Key Features:

  • Unobstructed working area within the push plate. No cross bars to deal with which allows complete access to the top side of the UUT.
  • A full ¾” of travel in the Z axis.
  • Easily replaceable top plate. The personalized top plate can be removed via four screws. ECO’s or new product types won’t make the Z axis assembly obsolete.
  • The actuation design multiplies the force input from the operator. Much higher force can be applied to the UUT without fatiguing your operator. This allows for higher probe counts without sacrificing probe spring rates.
  • Accurate and repeatable actuation. Top and bottom probing and/or fine pitch probing can be done without side loading of the probes.
  • Robust design with four linear guides. Suitable for lab or harsh environments.
  • Gas spring supports balance the effort of opening and closing the fixture.


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Z-Axis Actuator

1208, 1612, 2016