Cortek’s Comparison Chart

Clamshell Z-Axis Kit Press
Price $395 – 795 $1,295 – 2,180 $1,250 – 2,495
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
UUT Size
 Up to 24 x 20  Up to 19 x 15  Up to 10 x 12
Test Point Probe Center to Center Spacing
Good Better Best
Good Better Best
Good Better Best
Not Recommended Better Best
Test Point Quantity
Low Force – Up To Medium Force – Up To High Force – Up To
Probe Axis
Top/Bottom/Side Top/Bottom/Side Top/Bottom/Side
Manual Manual Manual/Automated
Linear UUT Engagement
No Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Quick change over of fixture plates
No No Yes


Price – Price range depending on the size of kit

UUT SIZE – The unit under test (UUT) can be up to size ___” X ___”

Test point probe center to center spacing – The center-to-center distance (from the center of one point to the center of the adjacent point) between two adjacent testpoints.

Test Point Quantity – The more test points you have, the more probes will be required on the fixture which in turn adds spring force. The spring force gets calculated into lbs – ie: 100 probes x 3.2 ounces per probe which equates to 20 lbs of forcse to compress onto the UUT (force can vary depending on selection).

Probe Axis – The ability to contact UUT from the top, bottom or side on this particular platform.

Linear UUT Engagment – Contact to the UUT in a linear, vertical motion – perfect Z-Axis.

Quick change over of fixture plates – Can change fixture plates to test other UUTs in minutes

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