HiPot Electrical Safety Enclosure with Cart SE3624CT

Model #: SE3624CT

$5,500.00 $5,500.00

Probe Specification

  • Unit Outside Dimensions

    36” wide x 24” deep x 52.36” high
  • Enclosure Inside Dimensions

    33” wide x 21” deep x 14.625” high
  • Weight

  • Tester compatibility

    Most HiPot Testers are able to hook up to enclosure

Much like the stand version, the cart is another great option for those who do not have benchtop space available.  This unit has complete mobility with handles for moving and locking casters as well as instrumentation shelving to keep your test set up contained.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum frame construction
  • Acrylic Cover
  • Magnetic Interlock Safety Switch
  • Chassis Ground Wire Connection to be hooked up by customer
  • Yellow Safety Panels
  • 20 Position Terminal Block with Removeable Cover
  • 9 pin D-Sub Connector
  • 2” Flexible Grommet for pass through cables
  • Large-Wide opening for ease of loading and unloading UUT
  • [3] High voltage Test Area Stickers
  • Custom Sizes Available. Easily Adaptable to smaller or larger non-standard applications


  • Safety Light Tower – Red/Green, Red/Yellow/Green
  • Start Stop Switch Buttons
  • E-Stop
  • Extra Grommets – 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Insulation Mat
  • Instrument Shelf – 1,2