HiPot Safety Enclosures

Cortek Test Solutions DUT HiPot Safety Enclosures, also known as “Personal Protective Equipment” (PPE) are designed to prevent the potential of electrical shock when used properly while conducting electrical safety testing of products. Our HiPot test equipment comes standard with a magnetic safety interlock switch and chassis ground connection that must be wired from the safety enclosure to the HiPot tester or any earth ground connection by the customer for safe operation. A key differentiator of our products is that they are easily scaled in the X, Y and Z axis to accommodate the product’s required testable area within the enclosure. If the size of our standard off-the-shelf units do not work for your application, you can request a quote for a custom size.

The hazards of electrical shock range in severity from tingling sensations to a potentially lethal jolt. Therefore, identifying and eliminating shock hazards is incredibly important when performing electrical safety testing. Various types of product testing include: high voltage test (Dielectric test), insulation resistance test, earth ground continuity test, and leakage current test (Line Leakage) to ensure safety to the end user and to conform to product safety agency standards.

Safety Enclosures Specifications & Options


  • Aluminum Frame construction with ground connection
  • Acrylic cover
  • Magnetic Interlock Switch to be terminated by customer to instrumentation
  • Chassis Ground Wire connection to be terminated by customer
  • Yellow safety panels
  • Terminal Block with 20 positions w/ cover
  • D-Sub 9 pin connector
  • Flexible 2 3/8” grommet for pass through cables
  • Large – wide opening for ease of loading and unloading UUT.
  • [3] High Voltage Test Area Stickers included


  • Easily Scalable in X/Y/Z axis – Custom sizes available!
  • Specialty plastics available such as RED UV Acrylic, etc.
  • Safety Light Tree
    1. Red/Green
    2. Red/Yellow/Green
    3. Red/Yellow/Green/Blue
  • Insulation Mat – 3’ x 4’ Black
  • Start/Stop Switch
  • E-Stop
  • Instrumentation Rack for SE-5037
  • Additional I/O cutouts
  • Ventilation holes available
  • PolyCarbonate available

HiPot Safety Enclosure with red UV panel

See Our Safety Enclosures in Action

HiPot Safety Enclosures Gallery

  • Safety Enclosure 2420
    SE2420 HiPot Safety Enclosure
  • Safety Enclosure 2420
    SE2420 HiPot Safety Enclosure Open
  • Safety Enclosure 2420
    HiPot Safety Enclosure Open
  • Safety Enclosure 5237
    SE5037 HiPot Safety Enclosure
  • Safety Enclosure 5237 (back)
    SE5037 HiPot Safety Enclosure
  • Circuit board testing equipment
    HiPot Tester Rack

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